We are family-owned and operated since we established the vineyard in 2004. The daily farm activities and odds and ends are cared for by Charlie Payne. Charlie had the vision to purchase the property years ago when it was in complete shambles and disrepair. The three set out to establish the vineyard in 2004 in addition to managing the complex restoration of the George-Vest House which has stood on the property since 1842. Although both Peg and Dan have successful outside careers they are passionate about wine, the vineyard and winery.


The first vines were planted in the Spring of 2005, with the first harvest coming three years later in 2008.  Initially over 2,000 vines were planted, primarily Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. These varietals were selected based on their wine appeal and ability to grow in the hot humid Kentucky climate. Since that time we have planted Dornfelder as an additional red wine grape and are thrilled with the complexity this wine has added to our selection. We currently have about three and a half acres planted and are planting an additional six hundred vines this spring.


Verona Vineyards

Hours of operation:

Friday 4:00-8:00

Saturday 1:00-7:00

Sunday 1:00-5:00



13815 Walton Verona Road

Verona, KY 41092



(859) 485-3544






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